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Hello Beauties!

This Sunday we’re going to cozy up with Reba and Frank from Baby, I’m For Real.



Reba Harris could hardly catch her breath in the sea of abuse in which she was drowning. All she needed was for someone, anyone, to throw her a life jacket. Her father, a mean-spirited man, had beaten the eighteen-year-old unmercifully because she missed her curfew.

What girl her age hadn’t tested parental limits and stayed out longer than they should have? If that had been the case, Reba might have thought she deserved the cruel punishment. But that wasn’t the case. Detained against her will by her older lover, Harold Avery, she’d unintentionally broken her father’s strict rule. Her life jacket came at the mercy of a neighbor calling the police. By the time law enforcement was on the scene, Reba was unconscious and a bloody mess.

With nowhere to go, Reba landed on her lover’s doorstep. When Harold opened the door, he took one look at her, pulled her into his arms and promised to take care of her. Too afraid to go back to her father’s house to get her things, a weight was lifted off her fragile shoulders when Harold insisted on being at her side.

Harold proved his love when he confronted Reba’s abuser, threatening to dish out the same punishment if he ever laid a hand on Reba again. Showing love and gratitude, Reba catered to her lover’s every need. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for that man. Because in her adolescent mind, her Black Knight not only slayed her dragon, he also hung the sun, moon and stars.

Ha! What a joke! Harold Avery wouldn’t know love if it bit him in the butt. He didn’t have the capacity to love a squirrel. Here she was thinking she was special, the desire of his heart. Well…it turned out he’d hung the sun, moon and stars for his true desire.

Reba was caught like the proverbial deer in the headlights when his wife, Donna Avery, came banging on the apartment door, where their man abandoned her. Reba’s unwanted pregnancy sent him running back to the comfort of his wife’s arms. The bastard didn’t even bother to take his things. He just never came back and ignored her incessant phone calls. He’d left her behind as if she was one of his unnecessary belongings. The least he could have done was write her a Dear Jane letter telling her he was going back to where he should have never strayed from. Instead, he left her unaware of the terror that was headed her way.

That day started with her being verbally attacked by her father and stepmother as she was rushing off to the corner store to buy what little food the ten dollars in her pocket would get her. Frozen in fear, all she could do was stand as lifeless as a statue, absorbing their insults as they berated her, calling her every dirty, filthy whore their warped mind could think of.

Ashamed, she scurried back to Harold’s one-bedroom apartment the complex allowed him to live in as the grounds keeper. Still suffering from morning sickness, Reba ate a light meal of chicken noodle soup and crackers before drifting off to sleep.

“Open up this door! I know you’re in there! I know you’re sleeping with my husband!” A woman shrieked on the other side of the door.

Scared out of her wits, Reba bolted from her slumber in a fog. Several seconds ticked by before her groggy mind realized what was going on. Gasping, Reba covered her mouth, too afraid the woman would hear her heart thundering in her chest. The once settled stomach began to roil with nausea. Dashing off to the bathroom, she dropped to her knees in front of the toilet and began to gag. The retching did nothing to drown out the commotion.

Getting herself together, she stood on shaky legs. The unrelenting hammering sent waves of sharp pounding in her head, making it nearly impossible to turn on the water and rinse the bitter taste from her mouth. She wished the woman would go away. Overwhelmed, Reba took tentative steps toward the door.

“I didn’t know he had a wife!” Reba burst into tears. Deep breaths did nothing to calm her frazzled insides. “Please go away!”

“I’m not going anywhere until you face me like a woman, you little bitch!” came the angry reply, followed by an earsplitting bang.

Terrified, Reba jumped back several inches from the door. Mustering up bravado she didn’t have, she screamed, “I said go away!”

A glimmer of hope sparked at the sound of her lover’s deep voice.

“Donna! What the hell are you doing? I told you not to come here!”

Thank God! Harold had come back for her. Her fingers worked feverishly to unlock the door so he could clear up this mess. She didn’t know anything about a wife. He told her late one night after their lovemaking, as he held her, that she was his only woman.

“Harold! Please, help me! This woman says she’s your wife!” Reba wailed, wiping at her eyes.

What happened next played out in agonizing slow motion. If she thought things were bad, they were about to get a whole hell of a lot worse. If that was possible.

“Help you! Help you! Bitch, you’re sleeping with my husband!”

The other woman lunged at a frightened Reba, but was thankfully intercepted by Harold grabbing hold of her around the waist.

Confused, head spinning, Reba took several steps back. Her voice quivered when she moaned, “Harold, what is she talking about?”

When he didn’t acknowledge the question, Reba’s voice raised by several hysterical octaves. “You never said you were married. I asked you and you said you didn’t have a wife!”

The other woman focused her attention on the two-timer, screeching, “Harold! You lying bastard!”

Her hands moved like windmills as she slapped and punched him upside the head.

The hound dog’s size was to his advantage as he overpowered his wife’s flailing limbs. Reba watched in stunned horror as he wrapped his wife in his arms, whispering words of endearment and pleading for her forgiveness. “Baby, it won’t happen again, I promise.”

And just when she didn’t think the knife of betrayal could dig any further into her bleeding heart, Reba was crushed when the man she’d given her virginity to, gazed at her with the most hateful stare and sneered, “She meant nothing to me.”

Won’t happen again… She meant nothing to me… Those words ringing again in her head twisted the knife deeper. All his promises of loving her, taking care of her, and never leaving her, were all lies.

Harold’s wife pointed at Reba with the venom of ten thousand poisonous snakes. “Tell her to get out! Make her leave now!”

Heart pounding in her chest, Reba nearly stopped breathing when Harold pinned her with a glare more devastating than the first. “You heard what she said. Get your shit and get the hell out of here.”

Reba’s bottom lip trembled and tears filled her puffy, red eyes. “I don’t have anywhere to go. Please don’t make me leave,” she begged barely above a whisper.

The handsome face contorted into that of a beast. “That’s not my damn problem!” he roared. “By the time I come back you better not be here!”

Turning to his wife, he tenderly kissed her on the forehead. “Come on baby, let’s go home.”

Reba held it together the few seconds it took Lucifer and his wife to go back to hell, which seemed like an eternity. Behind the slammed door, Reba fell to her knees and sobbed.

Where would she go?


Well, that’s it my beauties. I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s cozy read.

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