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The Morning After

Cozy Sunday Sample

Hello Beauties!

This Sunday we’re getting cozy with Starr and Kevin from When Love Comes Around.


“Oooh, my head hurts.” Starr moaned from the unrelenting pounding. Had too much to drink.

She pulled the covers over her head. The pouring rain made her want to stay right where she was. In bed all day long.

Lazily she stretched, rolled over, and inhaled deeply, followed by a slow release of air from her mouth. The scent of sandalwood and musk tickled her nose. Starr reached for the pillow beside her and pulled it to her chest. The scent was vaguely familiar. A cologne she had smelled recently.

Bolting into a sitting position and throwing the covers off her body, she shrieked, “Oh, my God! Where are my clothes?”

To her horror, Starr was naked as the day she was born.

“Where are my clothes? Where are my clothes?” She nervously chanted as she jumped from the bed. Her bra, panties, and denim dress were haphazardly scattered in various areas on the floor. Dizziness overtook her as she stumbled to retrieve each discarded item.

The sound of water being shut off caught her attention. Starr’s body froze as her eyes widened in shock.  Not wasting another second, she hurriedly pulled her dress over her head and jetted out the door.

There was a man her bathroom! And she had no idea how he got there.


Untangling himself from the warmth of his wife’s petite body, Nick grumbled, “Who in the hell is banging on the door like that?”

“I don’t know.” Summer sleepily moaned as she rolled over, pulling a pillow over her head.

“It’s six-thirty in the damn morning. Whoever it is better not wake the kids up.” Nick sneered, yanking a pair of jeans from a nearby ottoman and pulling them on.

As he took long strides, he’d already made up in his mind whoever was at the door was going to get cussed out. Once NJ and Autumn were up that was it. The tots wouldn’t be persuaded to go back to bed until it was time for their nap.

Not bothering with looking through the peephole, Nick snatched the door open and growled, “What the―”

His annoyance was cut short.

Hair sticking straight up in the air, smeared makeup, panties in one hand, bra in the other, and barefooted, stood Starr Avery.

Taken aback and at a loss for words, Nick stood there staring at her.

Starr was the first to break the uncomfortable silence. Shifting from one bare foot to the other, she stammered, “Um, Nick…is Summer here?”

He wanted to ask her where else would his wife be at six-thirty in the damn morning. Instead, he held his tongue and stepped aside. Nick had to jump back as the unkempt blur darted past him, to keep his toes from being trampled.

Leaping on the bed, Starr desperately cried, “Summer…Summer, wake up. I need to talk to you.”

Summer swatted at Starr. “Give me five more minutes.”

Starr pulled the pillow from Summer’s head and shook her more vigorously. “Come on, wake up. There’s a man in my room and I don’t know how he got there.”

“What the hell do you mean there’s a man in your room and you don’t know how he got there?”

At the sound of the baritone roar coming from the doorway, Starr nearly jumped out of her skin. And Summer shot up from beneath the sheet exposing her nudity. Quickly, she grabbed the bedding and covered herself.

Starr’s bottom lip quivered and tears filled her eyes. “Don’t yell at me,” she whined, covering her face with her hands. The last thing she remembered…Oh, no, no, no.

Wrapping her arms around her friend, Summer tried to calm her. “It’s okay, honey. Everything’s going to be alright.”

Starr was hit with a flash of big hands cupping her breasts and firm lips on hers… Starr shook her head and sobbed even louder. “No Summer, it’s not going to be alright.  I think…I think…I did something stupid.”

“Stupid like what?” Nick barked.

Summer shot her husband a nasty glare. “Why don’t you go down there and see, Nicholas!”

Nick clenched his jaw. Summer only called him by his full name when she was angry with him. How had his morning gotten off to this terrible start? If they hadn’t been interrupted, he probably would have eased himself between the warmth of her legs again and rode her one last time before the kids woke up. Not happening now thanks to Starr. That last thought made him throw his hands up in the air. “Maybe I will!”

“Well good! Go then!” His once timid wife barked back.

He crossed the room and in huff snatched his shirt from off the same ottoman his jeans earlier occupied. Putting on the shirt and shoving his feet into a pair of casual loafers he threw over his shoulder as he left the room, “I’ll be back.”

Starr and Summer stared at each other until they heard the door slam shut.

“I’m so sorry. I got you and Nick fighting over me.”

“Girl, don’t pay him any mind. He’ll get over it. Now tell me what happened.”

Cheeks flaming, Starr admitted, “That’s the thing…I don’t know. I can’t remember everything.”

Summer rubbed her eyes. “Well, tell me what you do remember. Maybe it’ll come back to you.”


Starr started with everything she could remember from the time they’d left each other the evening before.

After going back to her room, she took a shower and dressed for bed. Not really tired, she decided to watch some television. Everything on cable were reruns. Instead of going up to Summer’s room to hang out with her and Ava, she’d decided to go to the lounge for a drink.

Her sorrow waxed and waned as she sipped on fruity drinks.  One minute she was depressed and the next she was laughing at one of the bartender’s corny jokes. Before she knew it, an hour had turned into two, and that’s when a friendly, male voice asked if he could join her.

Everything after that became fuzzy. Things came in and out, in snapshots. Starr vaguely remembered going to a chapel watching a couple get married, then going to a lounge in another hotel, and then waking up naked in her bed.

At the end of her story, Summer’s mouth hung wide open in disbelief.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Starr pleaded, attempting to keep the tears from falling again.

“I’m sorry, honey. I’m just a little shocked.” Summer said, sitting fully up, keeping the crisp, white sheet close to her body.

“Me too. I can’t believe I got so drunk I can’t remember….”

Summer gently asked, “Did you sleep with him?”

“I don’t know… I think so. I feel a little sore down there.” Starr whispered in shame, her eyes filling with tears. “Summer, what am I going to do?”

“I don’t know, Boo. But we’ll figure it out.”


That’s it my beauties. I hope you enjoyed this this excerpt.

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