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Cozy Sunday Sample

Happy Sunday! Today we’re getting cozy with Wesley and Bianca from Baby Love.


Pulling her hand free she scooted down his long body. Wesley automatically lifted his hips as she tugged and pulled off his underwear and jeans. Her mouth immediately watered at the sight of his jutting erection.

 As she stood, a wicked grin turned up the corners of his sexy mouth. His eyes couldn’t help drifting closed to half-mast as he readied himself for what was coming next. His wife was such a sexy, little thing, and all his.

Bianca smiled to herself. The one thing she had learned as a virgin bride early on in her marriage was how to satisfy her husband. She had read everything she could get her hands on regarding the art of lovemaking and sexually fulfilling her man.

Seductively licking her lips she purred low in her throat. Slowly lifting her blouse and then camisole over her head, she revealed perky B cup breasts she hadn’t bothered to dress in a bra that morning. She giggled when he cocked his head to the side raising a thick eyebrow in question.

Pursing her lips in a sexy pout, she murmured, “I was running late this morning and didn’t have time to put on a bra.”

Satisfied for now with her explanation, Wesley didn’t say anything. Later he would tell her to make time to put on a bra before leaving the house. Stroking himself he nodded his head signaling her to continue on. He chuckled when she winked at him and began to shimmy out of her skirt. His eyes darkened with heated passion as her breasts jiggled from her movements. She took her time sliding the sexy as hell red, lacy boy shorts underwear down her legs before stepping out of them.

Feeling completely naughty she tossed the panties, smacking him dead in the center of his face. A rush of female satisfaction ran through her as he inhaled the perfumed scented fabric and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

Dropping to her knees, Bianca arched her back and moved cat-like taking her time to crawl the short distance between his legs. Her mouth watered again as she wrapped her hand around the base of his penis. She had missed it as much as she had missed him. He hissed incoherently, his eyes once again rolled to the back of his head as she took him deep inside her mouth. “Damn baby, I almost forgot how good your head game is.” He could feel her lips form into a smile from his praise.

Working feverishly to unbind her hair from the decorative clip, Wesley threaded his fingers through the thick strands. He firmly, yet gently palmed her bobbing head. This caused Bianca to take him in deeper all the while her hand massaged his sac giving him immense pleasure he’d been without for the past six weeks. He loved serving his country, but man he loved this more.

Her mouth made a popping sound as he pulled her off of him. The work she was putting in was about to make him explode and he wasn’t ready just yet. Pulling her up his body, he lunged his tongue in her mouth, kissing her so deep he nearly took her breath away. Flipping her over on her back his mouth sought out an erected nipple, followed by two long fingers being plunged inside of her dripping core.

As good as his touch was feeling she needed more. She was craving what she’d been dreaming about ever since the night he left for his mission. “Wesley, I want you to go down on me,” she pleaded almost in desperation.

Withdrawing his fingers, he closed his eyes leisurely licking her juices from them. The erotic sight of him tasting her essence was almost her undoing. The intensity of her throbbing clit was kicked up a notch. She wanted to scream, “Man! Hurry up!” Instead she squirmed anticipating the pleasure to come.

Happy to oblige, he kissed between her mounds, moving down to her flat belly. He briefly stopped to dip his tongue into her bellybutton. His kiss finally stilled between her legs. All she could do was whimper as he satisfied her in the most carnal way. Each delicious stroke and swirl of his tongue spiked her body temperature another degree. Moaning and gasping for breath, she frantically fought to keep from falling over the edge. Screaming, she lost the battle, slamming into an enormous orgasm as his mouth greedily suckled her clit and nether lips.

Bianca felt boneless as the last aftershock left her body. “Baby that was awesome,” she purred, welcoming her husband as he settled between her legs.

“I aim to please.” He whispered against her lips before kissing her again.

She whimpered, sucking on his thick tongue as she felt herself being stretched as he entered her with a hard thrust of his powerful hips. The lovers moaned in mutual satisfaction.

Grabbing her hips and plunging deep into her womanly core, Wesley was like a wild man on a quest. This last assignment had nearly ended his life as a result of his squad receiving bad Intel for the hostage rescue mission they were in the middle of executing. As always, he kept his cool as he and his fellow soldiers successfully completed the mission. Once out of danger and back on U.S. soil, all his mind would allow him to think of was his wife and what they were doing right now.

Wrapping her legs around his waist she lifted her hips matching him thrust for thrust, and stroke for stroke. The only sounds in the room that were audible were the slapping of their moist, slick bodies and their heavy panting. The building pressure in her intimate core was a warning she was nearly ready to burst into a million pieces again.

“Turn over, I want to ride you,” she whispered.

With one quick fluid move he was on his strong back. She eagerly climbed into position straddling him. Locking eyes with him, she impaled herself on his massive erection. Biting down on her bottom lip, she moaned, “I’m never letting you leave this house again soldier boy.”

“I can make that happen,” came his lusty reply.

Leaning back resting the palm of her hands on his thick, massive thighs; she felt his powerful muscles contracting beneath her touch as she began to ride him like a thoroughbred.

Large hands cupped and expertly massaged breasts that ached for his touch. She let out a throaty giggle, swiping away long fingers that were wickedly alternating between rolling and tugging at her sensitive nipples. “Stop that, you’re not playing fair.”

Her toes curled at the sound of his deep, rumbling chuckle vibrating off the walls. “Nah baby, this ain’t fair.” He murmured as the pad of his thumb stroked her engorged clit.

Head falling back, her body could no longer hold off the building tremors that flung her into orgasmic bliss.

Wesley didn’t stop his torture there. Sitting up he wrapped her legs around his waist. Capturing a nipple in his mouth he nibbled her flesh all the while vigorously pumping inside of her. Feeling his completion nearing, throwing his head back, he growled. And with one final thrust he exploded inside of her, his seed bathing her womb.

Falling back, he collapsed against the carpeted floor. The couple remained intimately connected, their breathing returning to normal as they enjoyed the feel of being in each other’s arms.

“I can’t tell you how much having you home right now means to me.” The sadness in whispered admission didn’t go unnoticed.

Wesley kissed her damp forehead. “You want to talk about it?”

Bianca spent the next few minutes telling him about the situation with her patient. Of course she was careful not to disclose the woman’s name. As she shared her day she could tell he was emotionally disconnecting. He hadn’t offered any words of comfort or understanding whatsoever. She should have known better than to steer the conversation into dangerous terrain.

Closing her eyes, she took a big breath. “Wesley, I really want to have a baby.”

“Not now,” he clipped out. The minute she started talking about that woman and her losing another baby, he knew she was going to start in on him. She better be taking those damn birth control pills, he angrily thought to himself.

Disengaging from his now slacked hold on her, she sat up boldly glaring down at him.

“Then when? Every time the subject of a baby comes up you shut down on me.”

Bolting from the floor, he was now glaring down at her. “If I’d known you were going to nag the hell out of me, I would’ve stayed the hell where I was!”

Hope you enjoyed this sample!

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