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I didn’t catch your name

Cozy Sunday Sample

Hello Beauties!

This Sunday we’re going to cozy up with Summer and Nick from A Special Summer.


“I’ll tell her when I come back,” Summer mumbled.

When she turned around, Summer collided into what felt like a brick wall. She was startled not by the solid form in front of her blocking her path, but more by the chilled fluid rolling down her cleavage.

Oh, God! That’s cold!

Several second ticked by before Summer realized she’d crashed into a man’s chest. Her caramel skin flushed when she gazed up into a set of onyx eyes. As she gasped, her legs buckled and her gaze quickly fell. If she didn’t do something fast, she was going to hit the floor. Hard.

Not wanting to embarrass herself further, she grasped the lapels of the stranger’s tuxedo. Summer’s body did strange things as she held on for dear life, pressing her breasts against the man’s rock-hard chest to keep from falling to the floor.

Firmly supporting the small of her back, the stranger pressed her even further into his solid form.

“Are you okay?”

His voice was deep and sexy.

Summer nodded, staring at the stranger’s broad chest up close and personal. “Yes, I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”

The closeness of the man’s strong body felt oddly good to her. Summer inhaled deeply, intoxicated by the subtle scent of his cologne. Unfamiliar sensations stirred in her that she never knew existed. With her heart racing, Summer cautiously retreated from the close contact.

“Oh, my goodness. I’m so sorry for grabbing you like that,” she rushed out. He probably thought she was ditzy.

Slowly, Summer lifted her head to meet the stranger’s dark gaze.

Oh, Lord. Why is he looking at me like that?

Again, she broke eye contact.

“Did I get your tux wet?” she asked.

When she looked at him again, a sexy grin curved his full lips.

“No, but I see you’re all wet.” He told her with his eyes focused on her cleavage. He reached into the inside pocket of his tuxedo jacket and removed an embroidered handkerchief with the initials NS. As she accepted the white cloth, their hands touched sending a shock of electricity through Summer.

“Thank you,” she mumbled as she stepped around him and scurried to the restroom.

In front of the mirror, Summer frowned as she dabbed at her cleavage with the handkerchief. The scent of cologne from the fabric drifted beneath her nostrils. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, pulling the masculine aroma deep into her lungs.

Brother was fine! Denzel Washington kind of fine in that old movie Training Day. He had to be at least six-three of chestnut brown, rock-hard muscle. The man’s chest and shoulders were so wide they completely blocked her view. Not to mention a set of dark, piercing eyes, straight nose, chiseled jaw, and full lips draped by a perfectly trimmed mustache and goatee.

“Earth to Summer! Earth to Summer!”

Startled by Starr’s intrusion, Summer jumped and put a hand to her chest. She was so caught up daydreaming about Denzel’s clone back in the ballroom, she hadn’t heard her friend come into the ladies’ room.

“Girl, you scared the daylights out of me! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“Oh, my bad. I was coming to check on you, girl.” Starr said as she came over to stand beside Summer.

“Did you see me make a fool of myself out there?  I’m so embarrassed,” Summer moaned.

“It was an accident. Shoot, the way dude was holding you, I don’t think he cared that you spilled his drink. Now come on, let’s get back out there. He’s probably looking for you.”

Starr didn’t wait for a response. She grabbed Summer’s hand and pulled her toward the door.

“Wait a minute, Starr! I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet.” Summer fussed while yanking away.

She shoved the hanky in Starr’s hand. “Here, hold this, and don’t remind me how I made a fool of myself.”

Starr inhaled the hanky and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“Alright, hurry up. By the way, did you get cutie’s name or number?”

Summer delayed her response and blew out of the stall after she was done. As she washed her hands, she answered, “No, I just grabbed his hanky and hightailed it out of there. Didn’t have time to get his name, let alone number.”

Summer checked her reflection as she dried her hands. She groaned when she spotted a second stain on her gown.

“What’s wrong?”

Summer pointed to the mark. “This.”

“It’s not that bad. I can hardly see it.” Starr assured her.

“Are you sure?”

Starr nodded. “Yep. Let’s go so you can get Mr. Hottie’s number.”

In a lighter mood, Summer giggled. “Girl, you are crazy out of your mind. I’m not doing no such thing. But he is fine, isn’t he?”

Now Summer was the one dragging Starr by one hand while snatching the hanky from her with the other. Even if she didn’t talk to him, she could stand in the corner and remember how good she felt in his arms.

She lifted the cloth to Starr’s nose. “Smell this, girl. He even smells good.”

Starr’s dimples popped out as she grinned at her friend. “I already did and if you don’t get his number, then I will!”

Summer laughed. “Starr, don’t make me cut you.”

Scanning the large room, Summer spotted him talking to a woman, who was obviously attracted to him. Summer felt a foreign emotion as the woman inched closer to the sexy stranger with her breasts practically attacking him. Summer bit the inside of her cheek to keep from cracking up. Every time the woman moved closer, he slightly eased back as if she was emitting a rancid odor.

As Summer made her way over to him, he must have caught a glimpse of her in his periphery. She watched as he excused himself and sauntered across the room.

Summer’s steps faltered as he swaggered toward her. The man simply embodied sex appeal as he moved with confidence.

Summer’s heart pounded as they approached and stood a few inches apart. She licked her bottom lip before biting on the corner of it.

“Umm, I just want to give this back to you… thank you.”

Summer handed him the handkerchief and attempted to make a quick getaway.

He let out a low, sexy chortle.

“Not so fast.” He wrapped his hand gently around Summer’s arm, slowly turning her to face him. “I didn’t catch your name, Beautiful.”

Tears slowly slid down Summer’s cheeks as she replayed that night in her mind for the hundredth time. She turned off the television and lay on her side as she quietly cried in the dark.

All her life she was known as “a good girl.”  So how in the world had she managed to become a twenty-six-year-old pregnant, soon-to-be single mother?

I trusted him.

Well, that’s it my beauties. I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s cozy read.

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