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Don’t Walk Away by Victoria Kennedy

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Don’t Walk Away by Victoria Kennedy is her second novel. And I enjoyed reading it every bit as much as I did her debut novel Sometimes Love. Kennedy is one of those authors that have a way of drawing the reader in. I’m talking about putting off writing my own stuff so I can read hers! LOL I just couldn’t help myself.


Finding love was never part of the plan…

Leah Phillips doesn’t think she deserves happiness. For ten years, she’s blamed herself for the disastrous end of her marriage. In a freak accident, her ex-husband was paralyzed, and she became a single-parent riddled with guilt. After so much pain, she can’t imagine finding pleasure or joy. The plans for her storybook life seem more elusive than ever.

Morgan Alexander is a corporate Superman with a reputation for swooping in and saving the day. He’s created a blueprint for success. Resolving problems that seem to baffle the most brilliant minds brings him great satisfaction. But he has no idea, the biggest challenge he’ll meet is in the form of a 5’4” honey-skinned, single mom named Leah.

When their worlds collide, clever plans prove no match for the demands of love. Do they follow the new path placed before them or do they walk away?


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