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Hello Beauties!

This Sunday we’re going to cozy up with Ava and Langston from Key To My Heart.

“Are you ready to go home?” Langston asked as he held the door open for Ava to exit the restaurant on King Street in Alexandria. Their dinner reservation was for seven-thirty and it was still early. With Zoe away, there was no need for them to be in a rush.

Ava took Langston’s hand when he reached for hers. King Street was bustling with its usual adult crowd enjoying a summer evening.  “What do you have in mind?”

“There’s a lounge in the next block. Sometimes on Saturday nights they have a live band,” Langston told her.

“Sure. Not like we have to rush home.”

She said it again. Home. Langston disengaged their fingers and wrapped his arm around Ava’s shoulder. When she slipped her arm around his waist, Langston kissed her temple. “I was thinking the same thing. It’s too early to head back to the house.”

The intimate space was jam-packed with swaying bodies to the sound of a sister with a huge afro and large gold hoop earrings on stage singing the classic Chaka Khan song, Tell Me Something Good. Langston’s hand on Ava’s hip guided her toward the bar. A dude with dreadlocks sitting on a stool eyed Ava up and down as they approached.

“Yo, man. Your lady can sit here,” dreadlock dude offered above the loud music as he stood.

Langston shook the man’s hand. “Thanks, man.”

Ava smiled at the stranger for his generosity. “Thanks.”

“No problem, ma,” he said with a nod as he sauntered to the other end of the bar with his drink.

The bartender, a woman who looked to be in her late thirties made her way over to them. She was striking with bold, burgundy lipstick against her honey complexion.

“What can I get for you beautiful people?”

“Mango martini for me,” Ava said, slightly swinging around to gaze up at Langston. “What you want, Lang?”

“A Manhattan.”


Langston waited until the bartender moved on to the next patron before he leaned his chest into Ava’s back and nipped her earlobe. “Don’t wear this dress outside the house unless I’m with you.” He licked the spot he nipped and added, “Or those shoes.”

A shudder went through Ava from the warmth of Langston’s breath against her skin. Her eyes lowered to take in the black knee length—hugging every curve—dress held up by spaghetti straps that was mid-thigh now that she was seated. She dared not lift her leg to look at the French pedicured foot enclosed in a strappy sandal.

After Langston left for the office, she’d sent for an Uber to go shopping. Ava didn’t have any idea of where Langston was taking her, but wanted to look beautiful for him. She had never been one to agonize over what to wear. And would go bananas when she went shopping with Summer and Starr because they had to try on a dozen or more outfits. But this afternoon she probably got on the saleslady’s nerves with trying on dress after dress. When she put on what she was wearing now, Ava couldn’t help whistling at her reflection in the fitting room. “I’ll take this little number right here and the black sandals in the window in a size eight.”

She twirled around on the stool so they were face-to-face. God, how she loved this man. Her smile was sultry. One she reserved for when she was feeling extra hot and bothered. Like now. It didn’t hurt he was oozing with sex appeal dressed in a crisp white shirt and tailored black slacks looking like a younger version of Idris Elba. The earthy scent of sandalwood emanating from his pores had Ava wanting to climb him right there in the cramped lounge.

“And what if I do?” she sassed as she wreathed her arms around his neck and kissed his mouth. She let out a wanton moan when she bit his bottom lip.

Langston ran his tongue over the sweet sting on his lip.  Out of his periphery he saw the bartender slide his drink in front of him. He didn’t take his eyes off of Ava as he picked up the glass. She was the only girl, now woman, he expressed feelings of jealousy over. Back in the day he got into his fair share of shoving matches and a fist fight or two over some punk trying to push up on her. When dreadlock dude was checking Ava out, he wanted to smash something.

Taking a deep gulp of the strong liquor, Langston set the glass back on the bar. He moved her hair aside so he could wrap his large hand around the back of her neck. His mouth was against the shell of her ear when he whispered, “I’mma tie your fine ass to my bed.”

Ava laughed as she dropped her head against his chest. When she looked up, he was grinning at her. Her fingertips stroked the day’s stubble on his jaw. “Lang, that’s so not necessary. I’m already yours…for as long as you want.”

OMG! I can’t believe I just said that! Ava’s hand trembled when she reached for her drink. Instead of taking a dainty sip, she gulped down a third of the glass. When she went to take another gulp, Langston removed the drink from her hand. And she was glad because that thing was potent. Another swig like the last one and he would be carrying her out of there.

“Baby, I want you forever.”


Thirty minutes later, Ava and Langston were staggering across the threshold intoxicated by love. Mouths fused together, Langston slammed the door shut and pinned Ava against it. His hand went up her dress and his manhood became harder when he touched the crotch of her wet panties. She let out a moan when he pushed the flimsy fabric aside and shoved two fingers inside of her.

Impatiently, Ava yanked his shirt out of his pants. She broke the kiss, her breasts rising and falling from breathing hard. Clumsy hands worked at unbuckling his belt. What she was about to do to him had nothing to do with the alcohol she drank, but everything to do with how much she loved him. It was a gift she had only shared with him.

Langston backed up a step when she dropped to her knees. The sound of his zipper being pulled down pierced the tranquil air. He twitched when her warm hands held him. Their eyes connected when she gazed up. “I love you, Lang,” she whispered before her head dipped to pleasure him.


Well, that’s it my beauties. I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s cozy read.

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