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Back to basics

Suzette's Thoughts

Hello Beauties,

I hope the new year is being good to you. And that you are working towards at least one goal that’s going to bring you joy in 2020. As for me, the one goal I’ll be working on is getting back to basics with my writing. For the past few years I got caught up in a bunch of mess. Hold on a second …

DISCLAIMER: My blog posts will reflect who I am. Therefore, you’ll get the uncut version of Suzette Riddick. 🙂

I was running around trying to keep up with this thing and that thing in an effort to reach more readers. Promoting to audiences I had no business promoting to. Sacrificing time I should be spending with my family and not getting enough rest because I was pushing myself  to keep up with the Joneses. And worrying about book sales and lack of rapid growth in readership was a constant torture.

All of this left me feeling miserable and worn out. I had a choice to make if I wanted to continue writing and creating characters I believed readers would enjoy.  So I decided to get my focus back on the real reason why I started writing. Which was to serve as a creative outlet by building my own little romantic world of black people falling in love in spite of adversity.

I’m moving forward in 2020  with my heart dedicated to appreciating my family, friends, old and new readers alike. And writing stories that will hopefully continue to touch others in a special way.

Until next time,






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