Imperfect People Finding Perfect Love

Baby Love: Episode 5

Love Letters

Hey Beauties!

Are y’all ready to catch up with Bianca and Wesley getting into some married, grown folks stuff? If so, keep reading. ?
He let out a deep, rich chuckle as she lovingly placed butterfly kisses all over his face. “Did you miss me?” he teased.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! You know I did! I missed you so much!” When in the field, depending on his mission, the couple could go days or weeks without communication. Bianca didn’t like it, but understood it was necessary not to compromise the mission. Besides, in his line of work he couldn’t afford to be distracted, if he wanted to return home alive and not in a body bag.
She happily welcomed the deep tonguing he gave her as he took possession of her mouth. She groaned in disappointment when the kiss ended too soon.

Standing with her in his arms, Wesley didn’t bother to take them to the bedroom. He laid her on the floor bringing her lush body against his. “Baby, you feel so good in my arms. I’ve been away from you too damn long.” He growled wrapping her ponytail around his large fist gently yanking her head back giving him access to the column of her tender neck.
“Mmm, that feels so wonderful.” She purred in response to the licks from his hot, wet tongue. Her womanly core immediately began to throb as his hot mouth suckled her soft flesh.

Needing to feel and get reacquainted with every inch of him, her hands roamed the solid wall of his muscular chest. Just touching him made her moan. He felt so incredibly warm beneath her fingertips. That’s what Bianca missed most about Wesley, being snuggled next to his big, warm body at night. The last six weeks without him in their bed wasn’t only cold, but painfully lonely. Just when she thought she couldn’t take another night alone without him, he came back to her safe and intact.

Now that he was home, she couldn’t stop touching him all over. Her petite hands traveled down the solid planes of his rock hard abdominal muscles until they landed on his belt buckle. Expertly loosening the buckle and unzipping his jeans, she reached inside grabbing his rock hard penis. As she began to rub her hand over the large bulbous head, he became even harder.

Wesley hissed out an expletive against her kissed swollen lips. “Girl, you better stop playing with me.”
Massaging his sac she smiled. “But I like playing with you.”

Pulling her hand free she scooted down his long body. Wesley automatically lifted his hips as she tugged and pulled off his underwear and jeans. Her mouth immediately watered at the sight of his jutting erection.
As she stood, a wicked grin turned up the corners of his sexy mouth. His eyes couldn’t help drifting closed to half-mast as he readied himself for what was coming next. His wife was such a sexy, little thing, and all his.
Bianca smiled to herself. The one thing she had learned as a virgin bride early on in her marriage was how to satisfy her husband. She had read everything she could get her hands on regarding the art of lovemaking and sexually fulfilling her man.

Seductively licking her lips she purred low in her throat. Slowly lifting her blouse and then camisole over her head, she revealed perky B cup breasts she hadn’t bothered to dress in a bra that morning. She giggled when he cocked his head to the side raising a thick eyebrow in question.

Pursing her lips in a sexy pout, she murmured, “I was running late this morning and didn’t have time to put on a bra.”
Satisfied for now with her explanation, Wesley didn’t say anything. Later he would tell her to make time to put on a bra before leaving the house. Stroking himself he nodded his head signaling her to continue on. He chuckled when she winked at him and began to shimmy out of her skirt. His eyes darkened with heated passion as her breasts jiggled from her movements. She took her time sliding the sexy as hell red, lacey boy shorts underwear down her legs before stepping out of them.
Feeling completely naughty she tossed the panties, smacking him dead in the center of his face. A rush of female satisfaction ran through her as he inhaled the perfumed scented fabric and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

Dropping to her knees, Bianca arched her back and moved cat-like taking her time to crawl the short distance between his legs. Her mouth watered again as she wrapped her hand around the base of his penis. She had missed it as much as she had missed him. He hissed incoherently, his eyes once again rolled to the back of his head as she took him deep inside her mouth. “Damn baby, I almost forgot how good your head game is.” He could feel her lips form into a smile from his praise.
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