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Hello there! This Sunday we’re going to cozy up with Adrian “The Law” from Losing The Bid.


The early morning sun peeking through the bedroom blinds was Adrian’s cue it was time to leave. Delicately untangling the soft limbs wrapped around his bronze muscular body, he attempted to make his escape. Slender arms snaked around his midsection in a firm hold. Annoyance crept up his spine when the warm body that brought him temporary pleasure snuggled against his broad back.

“Where are you going?” murmured the feminine voice.

“Home,” he clipped out as he extracted himself.

Adrian’s inhaled breath through flared nostrils did nothing to quell his irritation. Not so much with his bed partner, but with himself. He should have gone home hours ago. Instead, he got comfortable. No, make that lazy with his latest companion. The sex between them was above average, but not necessarily amazing. It also didn’t hurt that Pamela claimed to want the same arrangement he desired. No emotional attachments, just consensual sex to strictly satisfy their physical needs.

In the beginning there were no demands made on him or his time. However, as weeks faded into months, Pamela began to drop subtle hints of wanting more from their agreement. Adrian ignored the signs until Pamela flipped the script on him, mumbling before drifting off to sleep, “I want a real relationship, Adrian.”

Relationships in his book led to love. And his past taught him that women weren’t capable of love. Well, except for the one who raised him.

Pamela sat up and didn’t bother to cover her nakedness. “Did I do something wrong?”

Here we go. Adrian slid into his black underwear and then his jeans. He never played games with women. Now would be a good time to sever ties and keep it moving.

“When we started seeing each other, I was upfront with you about what I wanted and what I didn’t want.” Adrian stopped speaking long enough to pull his sweater over his head.

“Pamela, I can’t give you a relationship.”

“I didn’t mean to say that,” Pamela swore as she turned on the lamp with the linen shade on the nightstand.

He wanted to tell her that her attempt at distracting him with her perfectly-shaped breasts wasn’t working. Her little faux pas was the nail in the coffin of their arrangement because he didn’t do committed relationships with false promises of love.

“But you did, Pamela. Whether or not you meant it, is irrelevant. I don’t want you to waste your time thinking I’ll come around to loving you, because I won’t.”

“You don’t have to be an ass,” Pamela snapped while yanking the tan-colored sheet to cover her nakedness.

Adrian shrugged, his expression indifferent. What did she want from him? To change his position and agree to something he knew he would fail at? Either way, she would end up being disappointed.

“Get out!” Pamela shrieked, pointing a red-manicured finger toward the doorway.

After he stepped into his leather loafers, Adrian took unhurried steps. Stopping at the entryway, he glanced over his shoulder. A part of him wanted to go over to Pamela to dry the tears streaming down her face.

He didn’t get some sick kick out of hurting women. He enjoyed beautiful females as much as the next guy. Didn’t mind being in their company for a limited amount of time. What he couldn’t do, wouldn’t do, was continue an affair with someone who wanted more than he could give with the hope that one day love would be part of the equation.

“For what it’s worth Pamela, I enjoyed our time together. I just can’t give you what you want.”

“I said get the hell out of here!”


Adrian walked outside into the crisp, winter morning air. Relief swept over him as he sauntered down the quiet tree-lined street to his silver Dodge Ram truck. If he was honest with himself, he should have ended things with Pamela when she invited him to her place for dinner and her parents and sisters were also present. She played it off with the excuse that she’d gotten her dates mixed up. At the time he knew she was lying but decided not to call her out on it.

As soon as he eased behind the steering wheel, his phone rang. “I’m not answering that.” Adrian said aloud as he started the engine. The shock had probably worn off and Pamela was calling to give him a thorough cussing out. If he wasn’t so tired, he would have given her the opportunity to get being dumped off her chest. However, in his exhausted state he wouldn’t have the filter required not to snap back if she said something ridiculous like he’d led her on.

Deep in thought, Adrian drove across town to his Mount Airy home through the desolate streets. He was glad it was a Saturday morning and minus the usual activity of school buses, people driving to work, and pedestrians making their way to the bus stop so he could speed home and get in his own bed.

Last night was three times too many he stayed over at Pamela’s place. The first two times, he surprisingly slept like a baby after their frantic sexual encounter.

Sleep had eluded him. Every time he closed his eyes, Pamela’s soft confession tormented him. Why did she have to ruin what they had for the time being? Usually, when his affairs ended, it happened as a natural progression on the woman’s part when she realized Adrian would never give more of himself, other than a good time between the sheets.

Lucky for him, he was off work for the next couple of days. After a quick shower, he planned on crashing until the afternoon and then get up, exercise and go run a few errands. It didn’t take Adrian long to fall into a deep sleep and put thoughts of Pamela out of his weary mind.


 Whoever was incessantly ringing his cell phone had no respect. Adrian rolled over and grumbled a string of expletives before putting a pillow over his head to drown out the noise. The phone stopped its ringing for five minutes before starting up again.

Irritated, Adrian snatched the device from the nightstand.

“Pamela, stop calling me.” He growled before he was about to disconnect the call.

“This ain’t no Pamela! Is she the reason you ain’t answering my calls? Baby, I been calling you for over a few hours.”

Adrian shot up in bed at the sound of the elderly woman on the other end. Had he known she was calling, he’d have answered on the first ring.

“I’m sorry, Mama.” He apologized, wiping sleep from his eyes. Though he was a grown man, she still worried about him and was probably beside herself when she couldn’t reach him. Hence, the never-ending ringing of his cell until she got through to him.

Mama was affectionately known as Mama Peaches by everyone in the Southlake Park community in Chicago. If it wasn’t for Mama and her late husband, Harold Brighton, Adrian would have ended up in the foster care system as a toddler. Only God knew what would have happened to him if they hadn’t taken him in when he was left on their doorstep at two years of age.

“No need to be sorry, baby. Sounds like Pamela got you all cranky.”

Adrian chuckled. He wasn’t falling for Mama’s slyness. Her tactics worked when he was younger, causing him to lower his defenses and spill his guts.

“Mama, are you trying to get in my business?”

“Boy, you ain’t got no business,” Mama Peaches shot back with a cluck of her tongue. “A fool can tell you’re having woman problems the way you answered the phone. I wish you would stop jumping from skirt to skirt, settle down, and stop running.”

Adrian swung his long legs over the side of the bed. He could kiss getting back to sleep goodbye. Mama Peaches was going somewhere he didn’t want to go because it was causing anxiety he kept locked away to rise to the surface. He wanted to tell her to quit drudging up the past. He didn’t want to hear again for the thousandth time if he dealt with his hurt, he could find a good woman. What Mama didn’t understand was that there wasn’t a woman out there who could make him put his heart on the line only to have her walk out on him like his birth mother had done.

“I’m not having woman problems, Mama.” Adrian mumbled as he stood and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Lawd, Adrian. You done dumped that gal?”

Hope you enjoyed this sample.

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